Liverpool Beware.

Relegation. The word itself scares even the strongest of teams.  This is the case with the once-glorious Liverpool. With their worst start to a season since 1953, when they were relegated, Liverpool could easily find themselves returning to their origins in Division 2 if they don’t step their game up.

Following their latest loss to Everton this weekend, the Reds find themselves in the unfamiliar 19th slot. Like every other game this season, Liverpool’s lack of spirit and confidence got them off to a slow start. As the game progressed, Gerrard began to step up as he always does, while Torres’ performance once again disappointed the stands. Over the season, it seems that this has been a consistent theme, Gerrard never stops trying, neither does Carragher, but even with their hustle, the weakness of the team is nearly inescapable.

Despite the loss, coach Roy Hodgson is convinced that his team has hope, accepting that the result of the game was bad but explaining that it was not a bad team performance.  Improved spirits and confident players could help them escape this win-less streak, all that Hodgsons has to do now is find a way.

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