With Giroud Signed, will Van Persie Head for the Door?

An Arsenal insider has confirmed the signing of French forward Olivier Giroud from recent Ligue 1 title winners Montpellier. Giroud is a very capable striker, known for his size (nearly 6’4″) and physicality, not to mention his heading ability given his height advantage. Does this mean Robin Van Persie is headed out? We think so, but finding the right team, and the right deal may prove tricky for the Dutch star striker.

Van Persie has already made it clear that he will not resign with the Gunners at Anfield, his home for the last 8 seasons. Such an impressive run with Arsenal makes him tough for fans to dismiss, with 132 goals in 279 appearances in Premier League, League Cup and UEFA matches since his first appearance in 2004. Not to mention his EPL leading 30 league goals last season earning him the Premier League Golden boot.

Where RVP will end up is tough to say. With Tottenham likely losing star striker Luka Modric will still have Gareth Bale who would make a great duo at the top of the field with RVP. It’s difficult to see though, as departing Arsenal, van Persie will sever ties with veterans like Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski, as well as rising talents like 18 year old Oxlade.

Wherever van Persie ends up, we know he is right in his prime and shouldn’t take too long to get settled. As a top performer of the last few seasons, it’s tough to see how anyone but the top clubs would be able to afford him. Then again, if Tottenham and other mid-sized clubs have to sell their best players, that may make enough room for RVP. Enjoy 20 of van Persie’s best goals from his career at Arsenal:

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