Blind FIFA rethinking Qatar

We all know that in 2022, Qatar will be hosting the world’s biggest sporting event, the World Cup. Although the controversial decision was announced earlier this month, FIFA is slowly realizing that changes might need to be made.

Out of the nine World Cup bids aiming to host either the 2018 or the 2022 event, only Qatar’s bid was deemed “high risk” by FIFA officials.  Despite their own representatives coming to this conclusion, the FIFA voters ignored the risk, and Qatar was awarded the World Cup. Fans across the world were confused when the Arab state succeeded despite its lack of stadiums, infrastructure and footballing pedigree. As more information was released, fans were once again baffled, how is a country smaller than Connecticut with summers nearing 120 degree heat supposed to host a sporting event?

Recently, FIFA has finally realized that the “health risks” posed by Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup might actually require action on their behalf. Reflecting a lack of vision behind what Qatar’s bid would entail, football’s most powerful man, Sepp Blatter has began talking about the possibility of neighboring countries hosting matches to reduce the proximity of its venues, which runs contrary to their usual dislike of co-hosting.

In order to avoid Qatar’s unforgivable heat Blatter, has suggested switching the 2022 World Cup to the winter time. This proposal, more controversial than Qatar’s victory, has left the Premier League, La Liga, and other European leagues wondering whether they will have to change their usual August-May schedule in order to participate in the competition.

Now it just seems like FIFA is trying to cover up their mistake by providing options offered by others who are actually concerned for the well being of the sport. Whatever FIFA decides to do now, hopefully they’ll think before they act so we don’t end up with another mess.

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