Arsenal’s injuries keep on coming

Van Persie's InjuryArsenal‘s injury woes never seem to go away.  Fresh off their Carling Cup Final upset against Birmingham, thanks to a nearly comedic mistake , Van Persie’s injury seems harder to take.  News of Van Persie’s injury appeared earlier today on Arsenal’s website thanks to an interview with Arsene Wenger, “Unfortunately, we had bad news on the scan and he will be out for the next three weeks for sure.  It could be longer. The shortest delay we can imagine is three weeks [so] he is definitely out for Barcelona.”

With Walcott already out for three weeks recovering from an ankle sprain,  Van Persie’s injury leaves Wenger with very little options.  Granted Walcott and Van Persie are injured at least once every season, but without the duo, Arsenal are going to have a tough time putting a top team on the pitch for the second leg of the final 16 against Barcelona.

The good news keeping Arsenal’s spirits up now is that their beloved captain, Cesc Fabregas, could heal his hamstring in time for the Barcelona match. If he does manage to heal in time, could this be the year that Arsenal end their six year trophy drought?

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