Dortmund Shows Off Footbonaut

The future is here. Introducing the revolutionary new soccer training facility currently being used by German Brundesliga club Borussia Dortmund. Players practice control, response time, accuracy and touch all in a simulated environment that neatly tracks performance. This 14m square box provides 4 different passing sources, with 64 different target squares in a 360 degree space.

Players stand in the middle and wait for an audio-visual cue of where the next pass is coming from, one of four sides that contains two release points, high and low. Once the pass is delivered, a different square lights up to indicate the target zone. That target zone will change colors as time wares on; the faster a player completes the desired pass to the correct zone, the higher they will score in the feedback analytics that download instantly to a coach’s iPad.

Check out the video of the Footbonaut in action!

One can easily see the added value of the Footbonaut for players looking to enhance their quick passing and control abilities. Any midfielder would love to get in there and see how they stack up. Though it’s tough to see this level of technology brought to your typical youth clubs, we would expect the top managers in the EPL and La Liga to have the Footbonaut on their shopping list this holiday season.

With Borussia Dortmund staying undefeated thus far through the Champion’s League Group Stage, in which they face Real Madrid, Ajax and Manchester City. The group was dubbed the group of Death, and rightly so with all four clubs being league champions from last year.

We can’t help but wonder how much impact the Footbonaut is having on Dortmund’s success against these other high-caliber teams. Currently seeded first in the group, with 8 points, Dortmund is looking to secure their ticket into the next round. See if you notice a difference when Dortmund takes on Ajax next Wednesday, November 21st at 11:45AM Pacific Time.

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