Del Bosque’s Injury Woes

As the Euro 2012 qualifiers get underway once again, many teams are facing the challenge of replacing key players due to injury. The Spanish national team will face this challenge tonight with six key men missing from Del Bosque’s line-up.  The world cup champs are without Xavi due to Tendinitis, Albiol due to an ankle knock, Fabregas due to a hamstring complaint, Torres due to a groin strain, Pedro due to a calf injury and  Jesus Navas due to a thigh injury.

Although Spain did well without these men in Friday’s win against Lithuania, Del Bosque believes that Scotland could pose a threat in tonight’s game, stating that Scotland has “strength in unity rather than individuals.” Although Spain leads group I, Del Bosque insists he will not allow his team to underestimate the Scot’s.  Spanish keeper Casillas agrees with Del Bosque, aware of the Scottish midfielder, Darren Fletcher’s abilities, noting that his command on the Manchested United squad could also be seen on the pitch tonight.

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