3600 Manpower Hours for World Cup Draw

World Cup Final Draw StageWhen millions of people around the world take a seat in front of their televisions to watch the official World Cup draw, few, if any will truley understand just how much work goes into that 60 minute event.

The watchful eye of soccer fans from over 200 countries will be focused on the Cape Town International Convention Centre when the teams are grouped for the highly anticipated 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The dramatic proceedings of Friday morning will take place on a custom built African-inspired Draw stage which required 950 square meters of timber to construct and is housed in the massive Draw Hall that took 3600 hours of manpower to complete.

Possibly even more jaw-dropping is that 3,254 people will be involved in the 60 minute draw. Media from around the world will join a confirmed 27 of 32 national team coaches who will watch the drama unfold live.

Check out some of these numbers from Final Draw:

  • 3254 people involved in the operation of the Final Draw
  • 1587 safety and security people including authorities and private security staff
  • 400 Host City staff
  • 80 entertainers
  • 500 staff of contractors
  • 380 Volunteers
  • 110 Organising Committee staff
  • 207 FIFA staff
  • Nearly a year of preparations
  • The set design and complete project folder for the draw project is 5Gb big
  • Stage artwork alone amounts to 1.5Gb
  • Printed material for the set is approx 1100 Sq meters
  • Black reflective Vinyl flooring on the set is approx 500 Sq Meters.
  • The set structure consumed around 6.5 tons of steel
  • The four columns consist of around 1200 meters of 50mm round tubing
  • The ceiling rings used around 1400 of 25 square tubing and 200sq meters of fabric
  • Around 240 sheets of wood for custom stage levels
  • Onset light boxes currently contains 500 fluorescent tubes
  • Covering the stage light boxes is 800Kgs of tempered glass sheets
  • Covering the front light boxes are 40 sheets of opal Perspex
  • Most of the set was built, printed and finished in Cape Town, by Cape town companies. Only the steel columns, and parts of the headers were manufactured in Johannesburg by a specialist welder
  • 5000 hours of production of the video material to be used during the show
  • 18 live broadcast units to be used
  • Live broadcast of the show to more than 200 countries and territories
  • 3600 hours manpower to set-up the draw hall
  • 950 sq meters timber
  • 56 x 5 litre tins of paint used
  • 1,2km steel handrails

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