Women’s World Cup: How is that NOT a penalty?

Equatorial Guinea Women's National TeamThe Copa America in Argentina has gotten off to a slow start. With four out of the six games ending in a draw, many viewers drew their attention to the other big soccer event underway in Germany, the Women’s World Cup.

With the US Women’s National Team with a safe lead at the top of their group, our focus switched over to the usual subjects, the referees. Out of all the discrepancies we’ve seen so far in this competition, one specific one sticks out from Australia’s win over Equatorial Guinea. With Australia leading 1-0 over Equatorial Guinea, Australian Leena Khamis ripped a shot which hit the post. When the ball comes off the post, Equatorial Guinea defender Bruna for some reason decides to casually grab the ball with both hands. She then dropped it as Australian players, jumping and screaming, shouted for the handball call.

What’s even more unexplainable is the fact that play went on, without even so much as an acknowledgement of the handball.

Australia went on to win the game even without the referees help. But the event kind of makes you wonder…

Check it out for yourself and tell us, how is that NOT a penalty?

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