2014 WorldCup to have 5 Referees?

Watching the WorldCup this past summer was exciting for fans all around the globe, but what was it like for teams who were cheated out of goals not seen by the officials on the field? The controversial plays that referees did or did not see has sparked up some interest to include two more referees to the three already on the field.

This five referee plan is said to make it easier for the correct calls to be made, especially around the goal line, by having an official near each of the goals. Along with the refs watching the goal lines, there will still be two officials on the sidelines and one in the middle. With the amount of complaints and flack the 2010 WorldCup referees received, it’s no wonder the decision is finally being made to add a few more refs to the field. This may only be a temporary move, though. Currently, FIFA is looking at 13 different goal line technology systems, which, if adopted, will most likely replace the added referees.

Having more officials on the pitch won’t guarantee better calls being made, but if this decision is approved later this year, FIFA will make sure 2014 WorlCup referees will be as prepared as possible. They are making the officials complete a three year training camp which will allow referees to work in the groups they will likely ref the games in.

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