World Cup Games in 3-D

ESPN 3-DWould you have ever guessed that you will be watching this summer’s World Cup in 3-D? Either way, 3-D is coming to ESPN starting with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

ESPN announced it will roll out the industry’s first 3-dimensional network in 2010. In the first year ESPN will broadcast a minimun of 85 sporting events in 3-D including the 2011 BCS National Championship game, college basketball and football games, X Games events and up to 25 World Cup matches.

The first 3-D broadcast will be June 11 with the opening match of FIFA World Cup 2010, between hosts South Africa and Mexico.

the third dimension, as ESPN will unveil the industry’s first 3-D network.

“ESPN’s commitment to 3-D is a win for fans and our business partners,” said ABC Sports President George Bodenheimer. “ESPN 3D marries great content with new technology to enhance the fan’s viewing experience and puts ESPN at the forefront of the next big advance for TV viewing.”

ESPN has been testing ESPN 3D for more than two years, and hopes to make waves in the sports world when the new technology is rolled out this year.

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