Trick or Treat: Ronaldo & Messi Go All Freak Zombie on Us

Ronaldo Zombie Desktop Wallpaper

Believe it or not, Halloween is fast approaching. In the spirit of this ghoulish holiday, we thought we would have a little fun dressing up the planet’s top two soccer players using good old Photoshop. Using the exponentially magical tool that is Photoshop, our graphic designer Brandon used his skills to turn Cristiano into a fanged Dracula zombie-ish creature, while his Argentine buddy got the rotting, Frankenstein zombie look.

We liked the way these two turned out so much we decided to give them the honor gracing our website background! Feel free to click either of the images and save them as your desktop wallpaper for a truly Halloween inspired soccer themed background full of awesomeness!

Lionel Messi Zombie Desktop Wallpaper

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