Soccer Fanatic Meets Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney with Dominic from Soccer Fanatic
Who would have thought that a midweek trip to Las Vegas would net you a once in a lifetime chance to chat it up with Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney? Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened for one of the guys here at Soccer Fanatic.

The chance encounter occurred at the Blush Nightclub inside the Wynn Hotel when our man Dominic noticed someone who looked a lot like Rooney from across the room. After no one in the place seemed to know who he was, Dominic gathered the courage to walk over and spark a conversation with the soccer superstar who was on post World Cup vacation with new wife.

According to Dominic, Rooney was very down to earth as the two chatted for nearly 20 minutes and was nice enough to take a picture.

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