Man City Fan’s Rooney Tattoo

Man City fan, Simon Hart, was awestruck when Wayne Rooney decided to take a complete 180 and resign with Manchester United.  Just like the rest of the world, he had been following the transfer saga closely, believing that Rooney wanted out.  He was so sure that transfer rumors of Rooney heading to Man City were true that he did what any true soccer fan would do; Simon Hart got a Rooney tattoo.

A £500 “Rooney City Legend” tattoo. Posing for this picture, Hart’s smug face shows how proud he is to be the first (and only) Manchester City fan with Rooney on his back.  After hearing about Rooney’s decision, Hart went on to say. “I have been shafted by Manchester United again, now I’m stuck with a picture of Shrek on my back.”

With Rooney now back with the Red Devils and the Manchester Derby just 8 days away, this poor City fan is stuck in a rut. Representing his beloved Man City with Rooney of all people on his back? He’s not looking so smug now…

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