Lionel Messi Swung On By Youth Punk

Messi Gets Punched

Things could have ended differently...

I’ts a tough life being the best soccer player on the planet, even when in your home town! Yesterday, Lionel Messi escaped unharmed when a jealous youngster took a swing on the Barcelona star apparently after not receiving an autograph. According to witnesses, the young kid ran off after the attempted K.O.

Quickly ending any speculation, Messi himself told everyone he was just fine via his Facebook page where he said, “To relax all those people that have asked us about the truth of the accident coming out of the restaurant, tell them I did not receive any blow from anyone. I’m perfectly OK”.

Messi was taking a short vacation in his hometown of Rosario, about 300 miles from Buenos Aires, before joining the rest of the Argentina National Team in preparation for Copa America which begins July 1.


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