Best Goal in all of Europe

Burgos Celebrating Europe's Best GoalBack in 1996, two 12 year olds arrived in Barcelona called on by La Masia. One was Andres Iniesta, the other, Jorge Troiteiro.

In Barcelona they used to say that Troiteiro, whom they called ‘zurdito’ (lefty), was even better than Iniesta. While Iniesta continues to play and triumph with Barcelona, his childhood friend Troiteiro chose a different path. Now playing at a lower division Spanish league for Burgos CF, his name has returned to the spotlight.

Losing 0-1 to Tordesillas, a genius bit of skill saw Troiteiro juke three defenders at the same time to open up a shot on goal. This Messi-esque show has earned Troiteiro the “Best Goal in all of Europe”.

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