Celebrations Earn Send Off’s

Neymar and Hassli get sent off.From Champions League to the the MLS to Copa Libertadores, referee’s have become brutal with their red cards.  Since Robin van Persie’s sending off in Arsenal’s UCL second match against Barcelona, sending off’s seem more common and at times ridiculous, which leads us to to these two clips you might have not seen yet.

Neymar’s Masked Send Off

With rumors of Neymar heading to England this summer, fans from around the world have turned their eyes to this young starlet who guarantees a spectacle. From throwing fits on the field to brilliant goals, he’s bound to entertain fans. In yesterday’s Copa Libertadores game against Colo Colo, Neymar was yet again a full blown show. With an early 2-0 lead in the second half, he danced around the defense, chipped the keeper, picked up a mask of his own face in the midst of his celebration and continued dancing around the field. Having been booked earlier in the matched, the ref quickly pulled out the red despite his teammates trying to explain that dancing around with a mask is NOT in the FIFA rulebook.


Hassli’s Double Jersey Troubles

The Vancouver Whitecaps have come a long way in their extensive history. Having recently joined the MLS, the Whitecap’s have been eagerly waiting for their first goal. In yesterday’s game, Eric Hassli finally gave them their first goal, but was also sent off for his celebration. Receiving a penalty kick in the 56th minute, Hassli, who had been booked earlier in the game, managed to put Vancouver in the lead and celebrated by taking his jersey off and throwing it into the stands. In a regular case, this would certainly earn him a booking, but Hassli was prepared for the celebration and was wearing an identical jersey underneath. But the referee didn’t care so he was still booked.

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