Cameroon One Piece Kit

Puma Cameroon one-piece kitIn honor of all the great new uniforms we are seeing released, as well as the upcoming African Nations Cup, I present to you one of the funniest/oddest soccer uniforms ever worn in a professional soccer match.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane and revisit the 2004 African Nations Cup. It was here, in Tunisia, Cameroon, where soccer brand Puma came up with the earth shattering idea of a new kit design for Cameroon. In what must have been an honorary salute to the unitard, Puma thought it was a bright idea to create a one-piece kit. The one-piece get up looked like a some what normal kit, however it ditched the traditional shorts and jersey combo.

FIFA, the humorless governing body of soccer, didn’t crack even a small smile. The new uniforms were immediately banned from use at the upcoming 2006 World Cup. It probably didn’t help Cameroon and Puma’s cause that the pair had previously been reprimanded by FIFA for their sleeveless jersey design just two years earlier.

The clamp down by FIFA did not come soon enough, as Cameroon had already worn the kits during the African Nations Cup. After being warned to stop playing in the one-piece, the Cameroon FA was fined nearly $150,000 and was docked six points from their 2006 World Cup qualifying group.

According to FIFA the one-piece uniforms were not acceptable because the laws of the game stated that “shorts and shirts must be seperate”. Luckily for Cameroon, their World Cup qualifying points were later reinstated. Unlucky for them, they will have to be forever linked with the shameful unitard uniforms.

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