Painful Goal Celebration

As the Brazilian league got underway this week, we found ourselves watching the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Junior final between Bahia and Flamengo. Flamengo won the game 2-1, but it was Bahia’s only goal that really stood out and not for the reasons you might be thinking.

After being kicked in the chest and neck by two Flamengo players, Rafael received a penalty which he easily converted.

Excited by his goal, Rafael decided to run to the pack of fans directly behind the goal, hurdling over the advertisement boards. Little did he know that a set of stairs was right behind the boards. After somehow avoiding serious injury, he continued his light jog to the fans and finally celebrated (all while holding his rib cage).

As the adrenaline wore off and he returned to the field, he decided that the fall in the staircase had actually been somewhat serious and decided to lay down and get carted off…

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