R10 never seizes to impress

Ronaldinho at CarnivalNo country does it as big as Brazil when it comes to celebrating and Ronaldinho’s not new to the concept of celebrating Carnival. Taking a break from scoring and celebrating like a little kid, Ronaldinho decided join samba school ‘Portela’ and dance the nights away at the Sambadromo. Clips around the web instantly popped up showing R10 having a good time, dancing around and of course taking pictures with countless people. In all the¬†craziness, he even managed to find Giselle Bundchen and hubby Tom Brady (now sporting a ponytail?).

Now back at Flamengo practice, Ronaldinho seems to still be enjoying himself. All the dancing and prancing around hasn’t taken away any of his powers, he’s still got opponents falling all around him.

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