When Nature Invades the Pitch

Dirty tackles and intense fights have long been the reason for long delays and suspended games, usually (in some way) controlled by the referees. But what are they to do when nature decides to take over leaving referees, players and even coaches powerless?

When clips of a recent match in Colombia invaded YouTube, showing how the wrath of a storm suspended a game, I decided to do some quick research and found some entertaining natural disasters invading the pitch.


The match between Colombian side La Equidad y Atlético Nacional was interrupted by a lighting storm. One strike sent several players diving to the ground, claiming they felt electric shocks.

A match between El Salvador side Vista Hermosa and Alianza FC was suspended after a huge swarm of bees took over the field, leaving the cameras covered, both teams casually laying on the pitch and the referees fighting the vicious beasts.

By far the most impressive. A kids match in Japan had to be canceled when a tornado ripped through the pitch, lifting canopies and chairs, and disappearing as quickly as it appeared.

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