Ibrahimovic’s Kicking Spree

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made it into the headlines once again thanks to his amazing Taekwondo skills.  Just a few weeks ago, AC Milan training had to be canceled due to a scuffle with teammate Oguchi Onyewu.  More recently, he showcased one of his infamous high flying kicks during Robinho’s goal celebration, almost taking him out.

Now it seems he has decided to share his taekwondo gift with his opponents as well, sending Inter Milan‘s Marco Materazzi to the hospital.  Things heated up in the Milan derby after Ibrahimovic showed off his new flying kick/forearm smash combo, using Materazzi as an unfortunate test dummy.

KO’d, Materazzi ended up at the hospital with no serious injury. As painful as this clash might look, it makes you look back at everything Materazzi has done to other unsuspecting dummy’s.

Luckily, karma is keeping track. Zidane/Ibrahimovic 2. Materazzi 0.

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