Champions League Final Ticket: €10

Happy couple receiving 10 euro tickets to UCL Final 2011With a Champions League Final tickets going for €1,800 on the black market, it has become quite a challenge to get your hands on a pair. So what would you do if a man approached you trying to sell you one tickets for €10? Would you take it?

One couple did. Champions League sponsor Opel sent out a rather sketchy looking man in Barcelona to sell two tickets for the Champions League Final. The scalper was offering a pair of the coveted tickets to the final for the impressive price of €10 a ticket. While he was straight forward with the crowd and very willing to show the tickets, they all questioned his ridiculous pricing.

This was until one couple figured that spending €20 for a couple of tickets that could be real was worth it. Risking their €20, they will now be watching the Barcelona take on Manchester United from Wembley.

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