10 Little Known Facts about the World Cup

10 Little Known Facts about the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup has become the most widely viewed sporting event in the world, with literally billions of people tuning in to watch each year. Since it first began in 1930, only seven nations have ever had the honor of taking home the World Cup champion title. We’re sure you’re counting down the days until this year’s games just like we are, which is why we thought we’d share some interesting facts about the World Cup that you may have never heard before!

1. The fastest goal in the world was scored by Turkey’s Hasan Sukur. The goal was scored 11 seconds into the game against South Korea in 2002.

2. The record for most defeats suffered by a nation in the World Cup is held by Mexico with a total of 20 losses.

3. Oliver Kahn is the only goalkeeper in the history of the World Cup to have won the Golden Ball trophy. The Golden Ball trophy is an award presented to the most outstanding player at each World Cup final. The FIFA technical committee generates a list of potential candidates and the winner is then voted on by members of the media.1

4. During the 1950 World Cup, India withdrew when they realized that according to FIFA regulations players had to wear football cleats and could not play barefoot.2

5. Brazil has played in more World Cups than any other country. They have qualified to play in the last 18 World Cups and have won five of them.3

6. The only two players to have scored in four consecutive World Cups are ‘Pele’ Edson Nascimento from Brazil and Uwe Seeler of Germany. These two players scored goals in games taking place in 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970. 4

7. In 1994, 42-year-old Roger Milla became the oldest goal scorer and oldest player in World Cup history. Most players in the World Cup range from 20 to 30 years old. 5

8. In 1986 FIFA decided to prohibit shirt swapping because they didn’t want players to bare their chests on the field.

9. Mario Zagallo is the only person in World Cup history to have won a World Cup medal 4 times. Zagallo has become a soccer legend and has won the World Cup medal twice as a player, once as a coach, and once as an assistant coach.6

10. After this year’s World Cup in Brazil, the next World Cup will take place in 2018 in Russia. In 2022 the World Cup is slated to take place in Qatar.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned a little more about the World Cup, you will be able to talk more about the event with others while you root on your favorite team. You can bet that we will be tuning in to watch and support our favorite teams. Who is your favorite team? Are you lucky enough to travel to Brazil for the cup or will you be watching on TV? Drop a comment and let us know how you plan to spend the World Cup!

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