Nike’s Superfly III Leak

Nike Mercurials are getting a whole new look this March and you know Soccer Fanatic will have it in stock!

Recently found leaks show us a new design for the supposed Mercurial Superfly III/Vapor VII, Nike’s newest innovations set to compete with adidas’ new and improved super light cleats. Remniscent of the prior Superfly, the III’s have a new ’lighting strike’ design on the instep keeping to its flashy colors and bold graphics. Keeping the original shape and material, it seems Nike has decided to continue using the infamous flyywire and and carbon fiber sole plate to reduce the weight, but has for some reason also kept the Nike Sense Stud.  As a leak, we can’t be sure that this is for sure the final product, but here’s to hoping that Nike will someday produce a NEW Superfly instead of just a different colorway.

If the curiousity is just killing you, click here for the leak.

What do you think of Nike’s latest offering?

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