Nike CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Safari Vapor & Superfly Release Date

Nike Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Collection

Nike Safari Spotted in the Wild

Rumor has it that Nike is on the verge of releasing their newest product.

Dubbed the ‘Nike Safari’ line, the new line is believed to be a special edition, limited release Nike Mercurial family of cleats.  Animal prints have been worn by many fashionistas this year on the catwalk but who could be the Tarzan of the soccer field? Cristiano Ronaldo in cheetah print cleats? Cesc Fabregas in leopard print cleats?

With an late October release date, you can only try to imagine what the Nike designers have conjured up this time.

But wait no more! We present, the CR7 Safari Vapor VI

Let us know what you think and rest assured we’ll have them available in Soccer Fanatic retail stores and on Oct 29th!

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