Nigeria Reject adidas World Cup Jersey Design

adidas Nigeria Home Jersey 2010 Rejected

In some very interesting news out of Nigeria, it seems as though several soccer retailers have been selling a Nigeria jersey that was never approved by the Federation itself. Apparently, the Nigeria Football Federation never approved the 2010/12 jersey that is currently being sold around the world and was on display at the 2010 World Cup draw in Cape Town.

The NFF’s Head of Marketing, Idris Adama, said, “We have not finalised anything about our new jerseys. We are looking at some designs with adidas, but we haven’t signed off on anything yet.” Adama went on to say the NFF was looking to make a final decision before the African Nations Cup.

Nigerians have not been shy about their disapproval of the newly designed Nigeria jersey by adidas, claiming it is very plain and lacks creativity. The Nigerians definitely have a point when you look at the jersey adidas designed for Russia, as well as the awesome Puma jerseys of their African neighbors.

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