FIFA 10 Invades Soccer Fanatic San Diego


FIFA 10 video game

EA Sports and the FIFA 10 promotion team will be paying a visit to the Soccer Fanatic San Diego location on Saturday November 21 from 10am-1pm. The FIFA 10 gamer mobile will be on site to celebrate the latest and greatest release from the world’s number #1 soccer video game franchise. The festivities will include 13 PS3 slim gaming stations where you can try out your skills and some lucky fans will even receive free FIFA 10 adidas t-shirts to show their love of the game.

The FIFA franchise created by sports video game specialists EA Sports is widely viewed as the best and most realistic soccer video game available. The game has made huge advancements over the years and now not only feels real, but looks real with the players photo-realistic faces and authentic branded gear. FIFA 10 features 31 leagues and over 500 teams in the game, as well as 41 national teams.

Not only are the players realistic, but so are the stadiums. FIFA 10 features over 50 over the world’s most famous soccer stadiums including Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Santiago Bernabeu, Allianz Arena, Camp Nou, Anfield and more. The game settings also allow you to to choose a range of weather conditions from a warm sunny day in Barcelona, to a frigid night encounter in North London.

Advertising for FIFA 10 was more apparent than ever before with commercials blanketing major sports channels during launch. With all the hype, the game has big expectations to live up to. That in mind (and being that I am a huge FIFA fan) I have decided to share my first impression of FIFA 10 with all of you. Below are some of the most noticeable differences:

  • Gameplay: The game play on this years version is MUCH better and very realistic. Player movement is more fluid with computer players seeming to move much more intelligently. An improvement is seen in tackling and defenders challenging for the ball. When dribbling you are forced to fend off defenders who use their body to try and muscle you off the ball. Shooting is a bit more difficult it seems and takes a little getting used to. Other than that, doing special moves is essentially the same and still great fun to execute while embarrassing your buddy.
  • Online Play: No doubt the hands down best part of FIFA and most EA Sports games is the ability to play online. With the global reach of FIFA and soccer as a whole, there is always thousands of players online at any given time. Today you might play someone from Mexico, tomorrow someone from Turkey. This years version has greatly reduced load time (especially when going into an online game) that will have you winning more and waiting less.

Be sure to come by Soccer Fanatic San Diego on Saturday November 21 to test out FIFA 10. When you get home, make your way back here and let me know what you think!

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