CR7 Series: Nov. 2011 Edition

Cristiano Ronaldo at the CR7 Superfly ReleaseThe CR7 White Safari Superfly took the world by storm with a bold, snow leopard look back in 2010. The CR7 Black Safari Superfly was an even bigger hit with a flashy yet subtle safari look that everyone loved, and some pros still wear today.

This November, a third addition will be joining the CR7 collection…and we’ve got a sneak peak for you.

CR7 Superfly After months of speculation, we finally found these zebra-esque Mercurials, rumored to be the new CR7 design. As Cristiano Ronaldo‘s signature cleat, the Superfly is designed to stand out on the pitch and these new CR7′s are sure to raise some eyebrows.

Flashier than ever before, the new CR7 Superfly features two different patterns, a look that Nike has rarely used. And while some may love the CR7 Series, these Superfly’s are sure to test even the flashiest of players.

Love them? Hate them? Let us know!

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