adidas F70 Prototype

Some very exciting news for soccer shoe fanatics. Pictures have leaked of a prototype of the newest shoe in adidas F line. Now, we aren’t exactly sure what the next shoe will be called or even if this is what it will ultimately end up looking like, but it gets us pumped none the less. The pictures we have found seem to claim the new shoe might be called the F70. Rumors are that it will be an ultra light soccer shoe taking aim at Nike’s wildly successful Vapor and Superfly lines. Supposedly this new adidas bombshell will be “significantly” lighter than the Vapor, which is honestly a bit hard to believe. It’s nice that they continue to make these cleats lighter and lighter, but with reduced weight materials comes the issue of durability. It will be very interesting to keep and eye on this new soccer shoe as more information leaks. For now feast your eyes on these EXCLUSIVE pics.

adidas F70 Prototype soccer shoes

adidas F70 Prototype white soccer shoes

adidas F70 mock up

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