Nike Announces CTR360 Maestri III

New Nike CTR360 Maestrii III - Now on Pre-Order at soccerloco

One of Nike’s most popular silos to hit the shelves in the last several years has been the CTR360 Maestri II, and even the Maestri Elite. Now Nike is rolling out a brand new update to the style, performance, comfort and construction with the new CTR360 Maestri III in sonic yellow and black, as well as a black and challenge red style.  Nike has hinted that this redesign to continue throughout the entire CTR360 lineup, including the Junior, Libretto, and Trequartista take down models.

The highlight of this announcement from Nike is that the CTR360 Maestri III has been reengineered for more of what players love about the second generation: complete control, confident stability, and lightweight comfort. The next generation of Kanga-Lite synthetic leather provides the most touch in this modern era of high-tech soccer cleats, with improved durability.

Players will love the revamped 3D control pad that uses separate strips on the in-step to enhance passing and receiving control, from the very first touch. Keeping with the traditional asymmetrical lacing system of the very first Maestri, players will maintain that level of control that has made the CTR360 the preferred cleat of magnificent midfielders like Andres Iniesta and Jack Wilshere.

Two noticeable differences on this boot are the dimple texture through the toe and forefoot, as well as a refined stud placement for optimal stability and speed control. The refined textured enhances friction and finesse at every touch, whether dribbling, clearing a long ball, or striking from the corner.

Check out this video highlighting the style and construction of this sweet new boot, now available for pre-order on

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