All Ground Soccer Shoes: Are They for You?

Soccer Shoes Stud Comparison

A new type of soccer shoe is on its way, aimed at players who train and play on a variety of surfaces. This newest soccer boot technology pairs the traction of turf, indoor, and firm ground (or molded) cleats into a hybrid designed specifically for all-types of soccer arenas. Catering to the expansion of turf fields, soccer brands have developed the best cleat for the all-around soccer player.

Artificial turf is becoming an increasingly popular tool for creating soccer fields in places where grass is less sustainable. In urban areas where grass fields are overused, turf allows a soccer pitch to be maintained with a significantly less amount of time and effort. In areas of the country with extreme weather, especially rain or snow, turf is also more durable and better at absorbing the inclement weather. Current MLS stadium, CenturyLink Field, home to the Seattle Sounders, and soccer-specific stadium, Jeld-Wen Field, home to the Portland Timbers, are already using turf.

Formatting a boot to supplement the spread of turf fields has been an important project for brands like Nike and Adidas. Generally, a soccer shoe is the most important piece of equipment a soccer player needs to compete at his or her desired level. Firm ground cleats with molded, blade-like studs are the most popular soccer shoes, used for play on natural surfaces, for example, grass. Turf shoes have small rubber studs to improve traction on artificial surfaces.  Indoor shoes have flat non-marking outsoles specifically for traction on a gym-like surface.

All Ground Soccer Shoe

Example all ground stud pattern

Following the trend of the development of turf fields, an all ground soccer shoes has evolved from the combination of a firm ground, turf, and indoor shoe. Designed for traction on turf, as well as for extra cushioning on a harder surface with many small softer density studs, the all ground cleat provides a perfect improvement for play on hard ground or artificial turf surfaces.

Authentic grass fields require firm ground cleats which are purposely meant to keep stability on a grassy, firm surface. Every soccer player primarily has one pair of these if ever playing a game on grass. If you play on turf, this all ground shoe is the new option. A typical turf shoe is made of an all rubber sole to grip the synthetic grass and provide the best traction while also being lightweight. If a player will only be playing on turf, this would be the appropriate boot. Most soccer players, however, play on a range of terrains, and this is where the all ground shoe would be a better fit. For grass fields, turf fields, and hard surface natural and artificial surfaces, an all-ground boot can be used. Meant to provide more stability for a harder surface as well as traction, this type of shoe is a more flexible option for the practical footballer.

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