soccerloco Surprises Young Soccer Player

Will shows off his cleats from soccerloco

Will shows off his cleats from soccerloco

‘Twas the day before Christmas… well not exactly, but you get the point. Late last year we received an inspiring hand written note from a young soccer fan all the way across the country. Given an elementary school assignment to write a letter to a company, young Will from Orange, Virginia, decided to write a letter to soccerloco explaining his love for soccer and describing the dream pair of cleats he had recently seen on Getting into the holiday spirit, we decided to surprise Will by not only responding to his letter, but also sending him his dream pair of cleats.

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” definitely fits here. Check out Will’s reaction to receiving his surprise package and read his letter below:


Dear John Lococo, or to whom it may concern,

My name is Will. I live in the small county of Orange, Virginia. I go to a small private school. Soccer is everything to me. I am on a team that just won a championship. Soccer lately has been my favorite pastime. I’m just consumed by it.

I had an assignment to write to a company. My teacher said I should write to a smaller but cool company. I was pumped. I had so many ideas of different companies that I should write to. I thought and I thought.

I started researching companies. I started to think about what I like, well I like soccer yes! I’m going to write to soccerloco! My heart was filled with joy. I picked your company because you are a smaller company, and you deserve it because I know you are hardworking, and my teacher recommended the best so I picked you. I found out that you started out as a grassroots endeavor. It’s cool because my school started out the same way your company did. We started out in a woman’s house. She started a school because her only two children died. Her son died in WWII as a bomber. Her daughter died by cancer. She started a full scale school in 1947. We still have class in the same place today.

I have some cool questions to ask you. When did your first big brands start being sold in your stores? When was your first big sellout? How many stores do you have?

Finally I have one thing to ask you. As you know I love soccer. I was wondering if your company would be kind enough to send me a free pair of Nike Jr. Mercurial glide III FG-Retro/total Orange size 4.5. Your sendings would be very kind and generous.

Thank you for your time.


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