Real Madrid vs. Chivas in San Diego

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Real Madrid vs. Chivas at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

San Diego residents prepare yourself for world class soccer coming to your very own backyard this summer. As part of the Herbalife World Football Challenge, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Spanish giants Real Madrid square off with Mexico’s popular CD Guadalajara at Qualcomm Stadium. The match which will take place at 11pm ET on July 20, is one of nine matches in the challenge that have been announced so far.

Copa del Rey Champions Real Madrid are expected to field a full strength squad including the ever popular Ronaldo, while Chivas will be led by 2010 World Cup selections Luis Michel, Johnny Magallón, Adolfo Bautista and Alberto Medina. Things don’t get any easier for Chivas Guadalajara following the match with Madrid,  as they face La Liga Champions and possible Champions League winners Barcelona on August 3rd in Miami.

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