Nike’s The Chance Kicks Off This Week in Barcelona

Late last week, Nike announced the final 100 players selected to participate in “The Chance” 2012, a prestigious talent search through every corner of the globe for the next great international soccer stars. Amateur players are offered the chance to prove themselves on an elite stage with coaches from only the best international academy programs like Manchester United and FC Barcelona academies. The event for the final 100 kicks off at the FC Barcelona training ground.

Since being launched in 2010, The Chance has recruited and observed thousands of elite level footballers from over 50 countries who participate in high-level coaching and training. The selected 100 players competed among more than 100,000 global entrants, whom elite academy coaches have sifted through since March.

Now, they kick off their final week of competition and selection, where athletes will live and train like professionals in Barcelona, Spain at the historic training facilities of FC Barcelona. The atmosphere hopefully contributes to even higher level of play and performance by the players. For example, some of the athletes traveled to training in elite sports cars. It wasn’t all business though, as there was still time to frolic in the sprinklers under the blistering sun.

In the end, the players know that they’re competing among themselves for the final 16 spots. The final roster of 16 will live and travel like an elite international football player with everything but a contract, for the time being.


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