US Women’s Finals Viewing Party

ESPYSEvery soccer fan in the US has had their eyes glued to their TV for the past couple weeks cheering on the US Women’s National Team. As the Finals get closer, the stakes get higher, making the the last couple US Women’s games a huge spectacle. Their game against Brazil made us believe that the US Women’s could go all the way to the finals, a hope that was finally confirmed by the win against France.

A final assurance of the US’ support for the ladies came yesterday with some of today’s most distinguished athletes gathered in LA at the ESPYS. At the event, ESPN honored the US WNT with the ESPY for Best Play, highlighting Abby Wambach’s magnificent comeback header goal against Brazil. Looking forward to the Final, Abby Wambach and team USA graciously accepted the award, promising to make the US proud and hopefully bring the trophy home.

As with all worldwide sporting events, ESPN made arrangements to present live feeds from around the country. San Diego based eatery O’Brien’s Pub was chosen as one of the possible locations, making us San Diegan’s the lucky ones. As a possible ESPN live feed center, a static camera will be present, just waiting for fans reactions to goals and hopefully, a US victory!

Live feed or not, if you’d like to join the party and help cheer on the US Women’s National Team to victory, join us at O’Brien’s Pub (4646 Convoy St. San Diego, CA 92111) this Sunday at 11am. The USWNT kick-off the Women’s World Cup Final against Japan at 11:45. Plan on getting there early as we all the place will be packed!

USA Women’s All the Way!

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