Advice on How to Maximize Your College Soccer Recruiting Exposure – Part 2

Step 4: Get Evaluation in person: Target Key Recruiting Events

  • Identify key recruiting tournaments that some of your target colleges will attend
  • Email coach’s your online profile link, team name, schedule and jersey # before the showcase to make sure you are evaluated
  • Potentially attend a few college camps for specific exposure to that program

Step 5: Get quality video, online profile & share

  • Video is key, college coaches don’t have the time to see every player
  • Create a custom highlight video to showcase your skills (3 – 5 min. long)
  • Create an online profile to add your athletic, academic and recruiting information

Some example SportsForce profiles below:

Here is an example profile and highlight video of one of our senior clients Kaitlin Dick that is being actively recruited by a handful of program.  Kaitlin is a strong student and is looking for best all-around soccer and academic fit for college.

Here’s a link to Kaitlin’s profile

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