New adidas Predator LZ Launched

While Nike has been ruling the feet of footballers through the summer with their iconic Nike Clash lineup, the staff over at adidas have been working hard to churn out an update to the already popular Predator LZ family. Well summer has all but ended, and the new colorway is here: introducing the Predator LZ in Black/Lab Lime/Silver.

As top players convert over to the Predator LZ like Kaka and Xavi Hernandez, it’s no wonder this boot is sweeping the nation. The best part: this colorway is includes the Predator Absolion LZ, and the Predator Absolado LZ, as well as their youth counterparts. Players who have experienced the five lethal zones of targeted control and deadly accuracy need waste no time to get their hands on this new boot.

The First Touch pad at the top of the toe allows for instant control and quicker decision making once in control. Players will love the grip when receiving the ball at a variety of speeds and angles. The drive sweet spot is marvelous for big clears and strikes from the perimeter. The dribble pad is on the lateral part of the forefoot, to enable optimum control on an area where players normally lack natural friction on the ball.

The sweet spot is the same area, but on the inside of the toe. Players like Kaka love the opportunity for quick and accurate strikes, while maintaining the control of a less powerful strike, players can now enjoy the deadly accuracy from 20 or 30 yards out. The advantage of all the brightly colored lethal zones is increased visibility among your teammates. So when they don’t hesitate to send you a ball, you’ll have all the right weapons to go for goal.

Even more enticing is that the Predator LZ in Black/Yellow is also miCoach compatible. miCoach is a revolutionary new technology to bring intelligence to your game. Track average and top speeds, sprints and total distance covered all throughout your game or training session. Then simply upload your performance to your iPhone or computer.  You can compare your performance with friends, and receive personalized feedback from the adidas miCoach website.


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