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US Women’s Finals Viewing Party

Every soccer fan in the US has had their eyes glued to their TV for the past couple weeks cheering on the US Women’s National Team. As the Finals get closer, the stakes get higher, making the the last couple […]

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USA Women’s All the Way!

FIFA competitions are known for their rage-inducing calls and seemingly blind referees, and this years Women's World Cup is no different. The latest questionable calls came yesterday with the


Women’s World Cup: How is that NOT a penalty?

The Copa America in Argentina has gotten off to a slow start. With four out of the six games ending in a draw, many viewers drew their attention

United States v Japan

US Women’s Top Japan

Before a crowd of 5,323, the mighty US Women's National Team beat Japan 2-0 in their second to last exhibition before the Women's World Cup next month in Germany. The