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adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX FG - Black/Yellow

adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX FG - Black/Yellow


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Men's & Women's Footwear

US US UK Europe Heel-Toe (in.)
4 5 3.5 36 9.1"
4.5 5.5 4 36.7 9.3"
5 6 4.5 37.3 9.4"
5.5 6.5 5 38 9.6"
6 7 5.5 38.7 9.8"
6.5 7.5 6 39.3 10"
7 8 6.5 40 10.1"
7.5 8.5 7 40.7 10.2"
8 9 7.5 41.3 10.4"
8.5 9.5 8 42 10.6"
9 10 8.5 42.7 10.8"
9.5 10.5 9 43.3 11"
10 11 9.5 44 11.2"
10.5 11.5 10 44.7 11.3"
11 12 10.5 45.3 11.4"
11.5 12.5 11 46 11.6"
12 13 11.5 46.7 11.8"
12.5   12 47.3 12"
13   12.5 48 12.2"
13.5   13 48.7 12.3"
14   13.5 49.3 12.4"
14.5   14 50 12.4"

adidas Foot Measurement

How to get the right fit

First, don't measure your feet in the morning; feet often swell during the day due to heat and activity. For the best fit, measure your feet at the end of the day.

To measure your shoe size follow these instructions:


Place a piece of paper on the floor with one end against a wall. Stand on the piece of paper with your heel against the wall. Mark the piece of paper where your toes end with a pencil.

Measure from the end of the piece of paper to the mark you created with your pencil and compare the measurement to our sizing chart.

adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX FG - Black/Yellow

Black/Yellow adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX FG

One of the hottest styles for control freaks on the pitch is the latest Black & Yellow adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX FG. This boot was one of the hottest releases of the year and now with an all-new colorway, the uniquely designed and performance-minded Predator LZ Family can be yours too. Featuring five isolated areas of raised 3D control grooves and technical pads, the Predator Absolion LZ is a performance cleat for firm ground soccer, in an affordable package.

Predator Absolion LZ Design

The signature 3-stripes of adidas are concentrated around the heel. The smooth gradient pattern of black and silver are complemented by a sharp Lab Lime color that will make your feet visible to teammates while on the pitch.The raised pads on the instep allows for a smooth first touch. The inner toe is lined with a pad for accurate passing.The assymetrical lacing system allows for a larger pad on the topical forefoot for precise clearing. The top of the toe and lateral forefoot offer narrow 3D raised seams for controlled dribbling and deadly accurate shooting.

Predator Absolion LZ Construction

The Absolion LZ is now miCoach compatible, meaning you can now track every level of your performance right down to a tee. Monitor your in-game performance or simply track your stats through practice and training sessions. The embedded slot to house the miCoach Speed Cell (sold separately) rests beneath the arch of the left foot. The brains of miCoach track your average speed, top speed, distance and sprints. Then upload your stats and receive personalized coaching feedback from the miCoach website, and compare with friends.

The other main advantage in the new Predator Absolion LZ in Black and Yellow construction is the synthetic leather upper for optimal durability and comfort. Players can now enjoy the premium fit and durability of the top silo boots in the middle tier price range. The Predator Absolion LZ also features the TRAXION 2.0 stud configuration for superior gripping of the playing surface.

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